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Our attempts to get tomasz to integrate with our other pets have failed . our little very spoilt dog will not accept him  at any price, so we are looking for a good home for tomasz, he is chipped neutered and has had all his injections, and is a really friendly cat, and will make a great friend for someone, ring us if you are interested. We have yet to catch our other stray, he wants company but stays just beyond arms length at the moment.

There has been a great show of blossom in our orchard and we hope for a good crop of damsons pears and our favourite pink lady apples. We have installed a trail camera in our orchard to try and get a photo of some of our wild visitors, we see the tracks but only occasionly the animal so lets see what happens as spring develops into summer.

We are also looking for an additional cattery assistant to join our staff, anyone interested should write to us outlining their experience , work history to date and any relavent qualifications.  Ideally they, should be local , have their own transport ,and be able to work on any day of the week including weekends, remember animals have to be looked after 7 says a week.. ,



Because covid is still rampant, we still wear masks and allocate time slots for all collections and drop offs, to try and keep people separated, and will continue to do so until this terrible  epidemic has really calmed down, but at the moment it seems to be on the increase again.

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