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The worst of the winter weather seems to be over although there is still a risk of snow, my mum was born in a severe snowstorm on 27 th march 1916. The snow drops have come and gone and we now have a display of daffs. The cherry blossom is coming out and the weeds are just starting to grow, so gardening will be next with grass cutting the first job, It usually takes four or five cuts before the grass looks good so the earlier we can start the better.

Costs are still galloping ahead , our cat litter is now nearly £12.00 per bag, so it costs £1.50 just to fill the cats tray for the first time, and electricity  has gone up by a factor of 4. we have replaced all the lights with led lamps, and are installing our own generator for daytime power. other than using a team of trained mice in a treadmill, i cannot see a cheaper soloution to the cost of power.

We are both getting older and need to find some more staff to reduce our work load especially Christines and this is our priority over this year.

As on previous occasions i have reported on our current wildlife, We seem to have established a family of roe deer , and the munkjacs are always to be seen either in our garden or fields. Still too many foxes. and the rabbits are coming back again. They seem to have a cycle of myxymotosis which nearly wipes them out then a couple of years recovery then justwhen you notice an abundance of rabbits the myxi strikes again, its about a 4 year cycle, but thats nature.

Easter is on the horizon with a strong set of bookings so lets hope for  efforts to ruin the economy best and a bit of sunshine. The good news is our prices are stable at the moment. 

Time has rushed by and its autumn. We gave our hay crop of 40 round bales to our new neighbours ,a young couple with their first farm who need all the help they can get. The fox population continues to grow helped on by our other new neighbours from the town who tried to keep chickens but are learning fast!!!!!!.Our roe deer are well established now and are showing the occasional young one. We think they have followed the m5  m42  wildlife  corridors to get here as have the buzzards. The cattery has been busy and we have brought another 8 double units into use for christmas, we are also pleased to welcome Jayne and Karen to our team.This autumns wet means boots instead of flip flops and coats and jumpers, I was moaning about costs, litter is now £10.00 a bag from bnm. cat food has doubled in price in 2 years, but Rishs efforts to ruin the economy have not stopped us yet. regards Christine Karen Karen Jayne Bill.  

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